About Dr Chris

Dr Chris Stevens is a uniquely experienced and broadly qualified psychologist. He has over 25 years’ experience developing organisational capabilities for what he calls the ‘virtuous circle’ of creativity, high performance and wellbeing.  Organisations worldwide are confronting a difficult dilemma in delivering two imperatives: sustaining ever-more efficient productivity and developing the discipline of ongoing innovation in the face of continuous disruptive change.

These two imperatives are uncomfortable bedfellows and, although organisations want to change, they frequently discover they’re not comfortable in instituting the changes that innovation requires. Cultural antibodies, by default, remove what’s uncomfortably foreign. The discipline of ever-improving performance and efficiency is, by its nature, in tension with the discipline of innovation with its inherent uncertainties, ambiguities and the requirement to think broadly and deeply. The chronic stress, accelerating pace and high distractibility of digitally extended workplaces also impede creative thought.  But in a fiercely competitive world with rapidly commoditising markets, not to change is to guarantee decline. Fortunately, these tensions can be successfully navigated.

Dr Chris Stevens has consulted, at all levels, in a very wide range of organisations around the world developing practical workplace capabilities that enable sustainable innovation. His services include public speaking, coaching, professional development training, organisational consulting and advising. He takes a psychologically robust and pragmatic approach that supports rigorous management, high employee morale and long-term wellbeing. This is not about fads or creative ‘techniques’, nor about long brainstorming sessions that get no organisational traction. This is a systemic approach aligning leadership and organisational practices with innovation over time.

Clients include Nettwerk Music Group; The BBC; Dupont; Herbert Smith Freehills; Independent Practitioners of Advertising (UK); Disney (UK & EMEA); BSKYB; Star TV (Hong Kong); MBC (Dubai); Australian Film, Television and Radio School; the ABC (Aust.); Channel 7; the Department of Industry and Innovation (Aust.); Denso Australia; University of Sydney and many others.

Dr Stevens’ doctoral research on the genesis of creative insight lays bare the practical factors that both nurture and sustain it. He has a PhD in Psychology, a Prelim. Masters in Religious Studies, an Honours Degree in English Literature, an Honours Degree in Psychology (First Class), a Diploma in Education and a Diploma in Solution-Oriented Hypnosis.   He has lectured in Psychology, Learning Development and the management of Creativity. He was co-founder and Director of CommuniCorp Group, a specialist psychological consultancy promoting workplace wellbeing and productivity from 2004 until its sale in 2016. He is now consulting independently pursuing his interests at the nexus of creativity, high performance and wellbeing.

Chris is happily married, with two children, a grand-daughter and is a passable gardener and classical guitarist.


Workplace and Life Benefits

For over 20 years Chris has delivered workshop programs and public addresses around the world on a wide variety of topics to a broad range of industries and audiences.  Industries include Media and Creative industries; Legal and Professional Services; Military and Police; Government and Judiciary; Education; Health; Banking, Insurance & Finance and more. 

About Dr Chris

Indicative Topics

Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Helping Self & Others
  • Social, Emotional, Practical & Physical Resilience
  • The Psychology of Wellbeing & Happiness

Interpersonal Skills

  • Coaching Conversationally
  • Managing Conflict & Difficult People
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Managing Personalities
  • Feedback & Supporting Growth Mindsets

Practical Skills

  • Mindfulness and  Intentional Awareness
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Feedback & Staying Open
  • Creativity & Innovation

Typical Clients

Government Departments; Corporates; Legal and Professional Services; Banking, Insurance & Finance; Media & Entertainment


Herbert Smith Freehills; CitiBank; Commonwealth Bank; HSBC; Denso; Dupont; AIA; Suncorp; Nettwerk Music; Promax International (New York London, Vienna, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney); Australian Film, Television & Radio School; Screen Producers Association; BBC; ITV; SKY TV; Channel 7; TVNZ; Independent Practitioners of Advertising (London); Big Sound and Music Roundtable (Australia); Commonwealth Department of Innovation; Commonwealth Department of Defence; Australia Post.