Discussions with Sharon Bent

Being the Best You Can Be

Being the Best You Can Be provides deep self-knowledge and strategies for living one’s life well.  Given we cannot significantly change our personality, our job is to be the very best rendition of ourselves that we can be. The workshop examines why personality is important and provides an understanding of each participant’s profile in terms of the Big 5 personality framework. This enables us to a) select and curate environments (relationships, friends, work roles, habitats) that are compatible with our personality, and b) ‘wire in patches’ and adapt as best we can where we are not in optimal environments for our personality.  Finally, the workshop provides guidelines for dealing with more extreme personality dimensions in self and others. 

Interview with Sharon Bent

Helping with Mental Health

Helping with Mental Health provides knowledge, skills and confidence in promoting good mental health in ourselves and others. The workshop helps participants understand when and how they should intervene to help. It provides hands-on practice in conducting a ‘helping conversation’, including referral options, confidentiality issues and self-care. The workshop is relevant in one’s personal life as well as at work.  It provides an understanding of the psychosocial factors that impact mental health and gives guidelines and activities in improving those factors.  It also provides practical strategies for managing people with mental health issues at work.  

Interview with Sharon Bent

Being Well, Performing Well

This workshop is about the robust relationship between wellbeing and high performance.  It is about the optimal balance of stress and how that converts to resilience in the pursuit of high value goals. It presents the four pillars of resilience: Social Resilience, Physical Resilience, Psychological Resilience and Practical Resilience.

Interview with Sharon Bent