Being the Best You Can Be

Being the Best You Can Be provides deep self-knowledge and strategies for living one’s life well.Given we cannot significantly change our personality, our job is to be the very best rendition of ourselves that we can be. The workshop examines why personality is important and provides an understanding of each participant’s profile in terms of the Big 5 personality framework. This enables us to a) select and curate environments (relationships, friends, work roles, habitats) that are compatible with our personality, and b)’wire in patches’ and adapt as best we can where we are not in optimal environments for our personality.Finally, the workshop provides guidelines for dealing with more extreme personality dimensions in self and others.


Module 1, Personality and the Big 5, begins with the heritable nature of personality and then demonstrates why understanding it is so important for our happiness and wellbeing. Participants then self-assess on the Big 5 personality traits and share their profiles, discussing implications, including preferences, strengths and weaknesses.


Module 2,Being the Best You Can Be, shows how we use self-awareness and our reflexive intelligence to better manage self. The primary task isto select one’s environment (job, physical context, social context) to suit one’s preferences and predispositions –the most important element of ‘environment’ is other people. The next thing to do is to ‘curate or change our environment(where possible)to be more compatible with our preferences.


Module3, Making Adaptations and Managing Others, focuses on the need to wire in ‘patches’ in ourselves as inevitably we cannot find a ‘perfect’ environment for us. Using live awareness, we can manage our personality, adjusting our responses and practising in more useful adaptations. The module also looks at how we might deal in practical fashion with more extreme personality dimensions in self and others.