The Art of Deep Work 1:

This is a series of short talks on the theme of modern life and work, exploring the challenges of productivity, distraction, prioritisation, deep work and working for wellbeing. We start with productivity and the curse of busyness. Productivity is about managing your time, energy and attention and most people feel they could do better in response to these questions?:

  • Are you doing your best work with the available time? 
  • Are you focused when you work?
  • Are you happy with what you’re spending time on? 
  • Are you resting enough to recharge yourself?

I make three general suggestions: the first is about reducing distractions; the second is to slow down and do less things – but do them deeper; and the third is we should use our activities across work and life to increase, not decrease, our wellbeing.  These suggestions are explored in the following two podcasts.