Helping With Mental Health


Helping with Mental Health provides knowledge, skills and confidence in promoting good mental health in ourselves and others. The workshop helps participants understand when and how they should intervene to help. It provides hands-on practice in conducting a ‘helping conversation’, including referral options, confidentiality issues and self-care. The workshop is relevant in one’s personal life as well as at work. It provides an understanding of the psychosocial factors that impact mental health and gives guidelines and activities in improving those factors.It also provides practical strategies for managing people with mental health issues at work.


Module 1, Understanding Mental Health, begins with participants’ general experiences of mental health issues leading to an understanding of mental health as a continuum-from very poor to thriving. The module then gives a brief overview of the prevalence of mental health disorders globally. Briefly, the main causes are discussed as well as typical legislative responses to mental ill health as it plays out in the workplace.


Module 2, Helping Self & Others, begins with typical indicators of a person whose mental health has declined. We then outline a structured and practical process to conduct a ‘helping conversation’ well, giving participants plenty of opportunity to practice and develop this valuable skill. Included are guidelines for referral, confidentiality and self-care. Finally, the module deals with the all-important issue of how to help if someone may be suicidal.


Module3, Addressing Mental Health:Resilience, focuses on two ways to address mental health: 1) helping self and others to develop higher resilience and 2) make positive changes to the psychosocial factors that impact on mental health. Particular attention is paid to work practices built around sustained high stress and practical suggestions in modulating stress are suggested. Finally, participants consider ways to address the most relevant psychosocial factors that impact negatively on mental health in their workplace.