Staying Open Minded

As the island of our knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance ”             John Wheeler, Physicist

The Staying Open-Minded modules begin with the conviction that the human mind is an amazing thing. It is designed to be predictive and anticipatory. With it, we have learned to master and control the environment to an extraordinary level -not always with wise consequences! It does this by heuristic devices called ‘schemas’ whereby we learn patterns from the past, and seeing similarities from the present, apply them. These are short cuts and they work amazingly well, much of the time…. BUT…

They come with systematic errors. The whole, cognitive-emotion system, being designed for our survival, HATES unpredictability, uncertainty and instability. This leads to universal emotional biases (from DiSalvo, 2018, p. 18). These modules provide ways to overcome our natural ‘hardening of the categories’ (Kelly, 1962), keeping our minds more flexible, more open to learning and more creative.